I'll Miss You Too
What Will Change, What Will Not, and
How We’ll Stay Connected

An Off-to-College Guide for Parents and Students.
By Margo E. Bane Woodacre and Steffany Bane

As both parent and educator, I highly recommend this book. My own daughter recently made the transition from high school to college, and the advice certainly eased the process for us both. It provides helpful tips on how to cope with the inevitable emotional ups and downs. I am grateful to the authors for taking their experiences to heart and sharing them with others.

Susan Thurman, Ph.D.
Assoc. Editor and Scholarship Chair, The National Society of High School Scholars
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  • Charlotte Catholic High School, Charlotte, NC
  • Delaware Valley Friends School, Paoli, PA
  • St. Edward's High School, Vero Beach, FL
  • Delaware College of Art and Design, Wilmington, DE
  • Long Beach, CA
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Columbus, OH
  • NYC, NY
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Phila., PA
  • Chicago, IL
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Boston, Mass
  • East coast of FL (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale; Palm Beach; Vero Beach); and more than one location in the following states:
  • Georgia
  • Virginia
  • Maryland
  • Washington DC
  • Delaware
  • Connecticut
  • New Jersey

The co-authors, separately or together, give presentations to high school and college audiences about the off-to-college transition. Each seminar is tailored to the particular objectives of the schools involved. All are presented in an open discussion forum for audience participation. For references and rates, contact the authors.

Topics include:

Your Child is Accepted in College - Now What?
This presentation for parents of high school seniors draws on Margo's insightful and often humorous perspective of a parent's experience as the child prepares for college. She contrasts her thoughts with those of her daughter through personal narratives. The co-author shares other parent/child relationships as they navigate the challenges of preparing for the off-to-college transition.

You're Accepted in College - Now What?
This presentation is for high school juniors and seniors and draws on Steffany's perspective as a student who has been there. Her sense of humor and down-to-earth style create a safe environment for the students to ask questions, discuss and share their excitement and fears about the next step into life.

Send Your Child Off to College Without Emotional Baggage (Yours or theirs)
Co-authors, Margo and Steffany, share their insights and learnings with senior high school and college freshman families. Each independently shares the communication and emotional traps that parent and child can fall into during this challenging phase of family life. To help avoid these traps, the co-authors provide sensible, personal narratives that display warmth, humor and, above all, the value of a commitment to understanding the other's point of view.

Home Sweet Home?
For college Orientation and Parents' Weekend programs, this seminar offers a unique look at the problems families might face when a child has been "independent" for the first few months of school. It deals with family issues that can arise when the child returns home for visits, as well as role reversal challenges when parents visit the campus. The seminar describes the sometimes confusing emotions that both parents and students can face during this phase of family life and helps parent and child find constructive ways to communicate their needs and wants to each other.

Delaware College of Art and Design

"Margo provided an indispensable service to our incoming families. During her time with our parents she posed many questions that few in the room had previously wondered. As one of our fathers said, “She pushed the issues that needed to be addressed.” Through her message and delivery, Margo gave our group the freedom to share with one another concerns, anecdotes, and some much needed encouragement. We, the Delaware College of Art and Design, are excited to work with Ms. Woodacre again next year."
-Garrett Gird, Director of Admissions

Springfield High School, Springfield, PA
Senior Parent Meeting, March 2007

"Those in attendance were very appreciative of the opportunity to listen to the experiences of Margo and her daughter and to share their own concerns and fears as their children get ready to leave home. One father said, 'I have been surprised at how difficult this year has been for us as a family. And the emotional piece is really hard for me to talk about. It was good to hear other parents saying the same things.' Every parent participant had very positive feelings about the program. When asked if we should continue to bring Margo back, there was a unanimous 'Yes!' "
-Jaye Pedante, Director of Guidance and Counseling, Springfield School District, PA

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